Before & After Boiler and Furnace Installs

See the difference between an old and new boiler or furnace

One of the best ways to improve your home is to improve your heating system. We install hundreds of boilers and furnaces every year. Modern heating systems like all gadgets and appliances have improved greatly over time. We still see many homes with 50 or 60-year-old heating systems. While these systems work and will heat your home, they are missing out on many of the new modern advances of heating systems.

When installing a new heating system one of the best ways to improve performance is to install zones for your home. Old systems might have one zone or two at most, while the modern system can have upwards of 6+ zones. Zones are the area that is being heated, traditionally zones would be a floor or the whole house. By installing more zones you have more control of what rooms are being heated and what rooms aren’t, allowing you to keep your living room heated more than an unused room or keeping one bedroom warmer or cooler based on your preferences.

Annual fuel utilization efficiency or AFUE is the number that is used to measure how well your heating system is running. You can find oil heating systems that run up to 90% and gas systems that run up to 95%. As long you get regular maintenance on your heating system you shouldn’t see much of a drop in AFUE on new equipment. Older equipment usually sits in the 50-60 AFUE rating even with regular maintenance.

Modern heating systems handle the heat they produce better than older systems. If you’ve ever heard your heating system turn on it may sound like an airplane is getting ready for take-off. Your heating system can turn on for more than just heating your home, it can also be used for heating your water. Indirect water heaters use heat created by your heating system to heat the water stored in its tank. During the wintertime, this isn’t much of an issue as your heating system runs a lot to keep your home warm allowing heat to naturally move over to the water heater. During the summer when your home’s heat is off having hot water is still needed, this is where heat loss is very important. The more insulated your heating system is the more heat stays in the system for your water heater to use.