Heating Oil and Propane Delivery to Paxton, MA

Paxton, a bedroom community for Worcester was first founded in 1749 and incorporated in 1765.The land for Paxton was taken from Leicester and Rutland in equal parts. Charles Paxton, who the town is named after, promised a church bell for the town being named after him, the bell was never delivered.

Paxton is home to Moore State Park, a 737 acre recreational area that is known for its small waterfalls, watermills, and trails. Paxton was home to the Yankee Network's early FM radio Antenna, and a now historic but defunct amusement park called the Paxton Navy Yard.
Paxton is of course served through our Paxton office for oil deliveries, propane deliveries, service, boiler, furnaces, and air conditioning installations.

Home Heating Oil Delivery Paxton

Home Heating Oil Delivery to Paxton, MA

ckSmithSuperior is proud to deliver the highest quality home heating oil and Bioheat to residents of Paxton, MA. With one of the largest fleets of oil delivery trucks in Worcester County, we're focused on timely delivery that allow you to stay comfortable year round.

All fuel deliveries to Paxton, MA are made from ckSmithSuperior's offices in Worcester & Paxton.

Propane Fuel Delivery to Paxton, MA

Propane Fuel Delivery to Paxton, MA

Residents of Paxton, MA can also request propane delivery from ckSmithSuperior. Propane is a versatile fuel that can be used for a number of different applications including heating, hot water equipment, cooking, laundry and more.

In addition to fuels, our team also offers appliance sales and service, making us the Propane experts in Paxton, MA!

Heating service Paxton MA

Service & Maintenance for Paxton, MA

In addition to fuel, residents of Paxton can also enjoy the highest level of service and maintenance for heating systems and hot water heaters from ckSmithSuperior.

Our skilled technicians are able to diagnose problems quickly and get your equipment back up and running. For complete peace of mind, we offer Service Plans that keep your boiler or furnace running at peak efficiency.

Satisfied Customers in Paxton, MA

  • January 02, 2019

    Matthew DeFronzo - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2018

    We're very happy that we switched to CK Smith! Everything has been great. Service has been top-notch, the people are great, and the prices are competitive. Thanks so much!

  • December 31, 2018

    Jane McTigue - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2008

    We experienced a problem with our heat which, while not an emergency, was a cause for concern. When I spoke with the phone representative, Christina (I think), she was very courteous and ever so efficient in arranging for a technician to come. Ben Mondor arrived promptly, identified the problems, corrected them, and then explained the remedies to me in a clear and easily understood manner. It is comforting to know the CK Smith supports and protects its customers and does so quickly and kindly.

  • October 15, 2018

    Kelly  Grinham - Paxton , MA
    Customer Since 2014

    Duncan arrived on time and was very pleasant. He was happy to answer questions and did a great job!

  • September 26, 2018

    Denise Faucher - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2018

    Right now as brand new customers, extremely satisfied!

    Thank you!

  • August 22, 2018

    Robert Kusz - Paxton, Ma
    Customer Since 2004

    Duncan was very friendly and informative

  • April 05, 2018

    Mary Baker - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2016

    Jim and Matt are excellent representatives of ckSmith.

  • April 04, 2018

    James Kee - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2008

    Measured up to the level of service I have come to expect from ckSmith.

  • March 09, 2018

    James O'Brien - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2017

    Ben was great and he showed me everything that was good and also things with the boiler that needed additional attention in the future. I hope he is the service rep for my next visit on April 27th 2018 for the clean and Flush of the heating system.

  • December 07, 2017

    Andy Sharry - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2004

    Jim is very informative, thorough, smart and caring. This is why we use CK Smith. Trust and Reliability are what we need when caring for 3 children. Jim is a fine representative of your company. He did great work and we feel like we have an efficient, safe heating system to care for our family. Thanks Jim!

  • October 14, 2017

    Arthur DeSanti - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2008

    Tim has provided service in the past and he does an outstanding job. He is a nice guy and answers all our questions. Clean and neat in his work. I would highly recommend Tim as a service representative to anyone.

  • October 13, 2017

    Lynne A. Chatis - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 1998

    Absolutely superb costumer service and tech skills. Normally after service I smell a strong odor but this time Ray took his time to really clean around. Good job guys!!

  • October 05, 2017

    Kelly Grinham - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2014

    Service was great, as usual!

  • September 08, 2017

    Mary Baker - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2016

    Great Service

  • August 14, 2017

    Brian Vaugh - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2014

    He found a possible leak from the chimney into the house and repaired it.

  • August 05, 2017

    Jane McTigue - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2008

    Tim installed a drip pan under the oil tank. We thought this a prudent move after some friends experienced a very costly leak. Tim was courteous and professional as always.

  • June 14, 2017

    James Kee - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2008

    Tim lived up to the standard I have come to expect from ckSmithSuperior technicians.

  • March 25, 2017

    James Kee - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2008

    The kind of superior service I have come to expect from ckSmithSuperior.

  • February 06, 2017

    Mary Baker - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2016

    First time in 20 years a service technician has spent the time to service our system properly. Other companies have just done a 15 minute vacuum and left.

  • December 06, 2016

    Sandra Vaudo - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2007

    We lost our heat around 9 pm and called for service. Duncan came out around 10 and we had heat by 10:15. He was efficient and courteous and we were very pleased with our experience. Just wanted to let you know that he was outstanding in every way.

  • December 03, 2016

    Richard Reynolds - Paxton, MA
    Customer Since 2006

    I know the survey says outstanding, but the technician was truly excellent. Thank you