Fleet Fueling

We can keep your fleet fueled!

Knowing when your fleet has fueled up and how much can help to manage your fleet maintenance needs.

Fleet Fueling Delivery in Worcester County

Reliable Delivery Service

Whether you're on a construction site for a single home or a new building for an educational institution we have the resources: people, experience, and technology to manage your fleet's fueling needs.

We take great pride in training our people to be able to deliver all fuel products in a timely manner. We cross-train our staff regularly to ensure we have the available resources to meet your delivery needs.

Fleet Fueling Navigation

Innovative Technology

We employ an innovative inventory management system, allowing our customers to properly monitor the exact amount of fuel delivered and used per vehicle. Knowing how much fuel your fleet needs, how often your fleet needs fueling, and how many vehicles and equipment your fleet has made up the picture of your fleet. Managing all this can become a full-time job or a never-ending task absorbing a large number of resources from your company. That is where ckSmithSuperior and our fleet fueling service comes in. We manage and keep track of your fleet so you don't have to, schedule deliveries only when you need the fuel to ensure that all of your fleets are ready to go each and every day!

We barcode each of your vehicles so you know how often and how much a vehicle is fueling up. Using state of the art scanning technology we record important information from your fleet or single tank-like hour meter, hub meter, and odometer readings. Your historical fleet usage information can also be helpful for IFTA reporting tracking.