Ultimate D

ckSmithSuperior has partnered with Howes Lubricator, the leader in fuel additives, to bring you and your fleet total protection, all year long with Ultimate D Premium Diesel Fuel.

Ultimate D Premium Diesel Fuel will take all the guesswork and hassle out of treating individual trucks and storage tanks. Ultimate D Premium Diesel Fuel will arrive treated at the proper rate for the appropriate seasonal conditions. You will get total protection all year long with Ultimate D Premium Diesel Fuel.

Summer Diesel Fuel Blend

Summer Ultimate D Premium Diesel

We've all seen some of the negative effects of ULSD including lower BTU's and loss of lubricity.

Ultimate D treated with Howes Meaner Power Kleaner has been tested to be effective and safe to use with today's diesel fuels. Ultimate D will reduce injector deposits, increase fuel economy, and eliminate water problems all throughout the warmer months. More power, better fuel economy, and less maintenance guaranteed. We use our Ultimate D Summer package from April through October.

Winter Diesel Fuel Blend

Winter Ultimate D Premium Diesel

When winter rolls around, we have you covered with Ultimate D treated Howes Winter Treat Plus.

With a Wax Crystal Modifier, Ultimate D is able to reduce the size and alter the shape of the wax crystals as they precipitate from the diesel fuel in low temperatures. This reduces the incidences of vehicle failures during cold weather. Ultimate D Premium Diesel Fuel sold exclusively by ckSmithSuperior, provides you with the highest quality diesel fuel for every season. We treat our diesel with our Ultimate D Winter package from November through March.